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  1. AmakusatheRepentant
    Yes, sure we can, glad to know i'm not the only one, this day i plan to start again, thank you @DAMN. You've just made my day ;)
  2. Meditation Monk
    Meditation Monk Sammyforthewin
    Also, what helps me the most is trying to learn something new on the internet, and it just clicked to me, if I stay busy learning something new like a new subject on youtube or through other sources, then I will be less worried about my withdrawal symptoms.
  3. Meditation Monk
    Meditation Monk
    I am starting to become what is the word? Less worried about it. bah.
  4. Meditation Monk
    Meditation Monk hope4travis
    Hello my Christian fellow brother. Keep being strong in your PMO recovery addiction. I hope to hear you are improving quite well on your progress.
  5. Meditation Monk
    Meditation Monk Job's_Covenant
    Hey bro. I have been thinking about you. How are you? I hope you are enjoying NoFap website.
  6. DeterministicUnit
    ill get my logs up for Day 3 and 4 soon. Have an exam in an hour, will come back and wrap up my logs and get to bed early!
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    2. Meditation Monk
      Meditation Monk
      How was your exam? Did you pass? :)
      Oct 19, 2018 at 9:10 PM
  7. Meditation Monk
    Meditation Monk wakingthelionsinme
    I get creepy at the stuff that I see near people's house like graveyards and Halloween costumes and creepy music during Halloween and movies. Never been in that stuff, maybe during my teen age years but then my habits changed during my adulthood years. Now I like thanksgiving, christmas, new years day, and easter holiday season. Hmhmhm.
  8. Meditation Monk
    Meditation Monk
    Withdrawal mode=survival mode, sleep will come easily for tonight.
  9. Meditation Monk
    Meditation Monk
    OMG. Vanilla flavor ice cream, hands down, I love watching civil war movies. It is like ice cream for dessert for me. lol.
  10. Meditation Monk
    Meditation Monk
    I think being in withdrawal mode is all about survival mode. You just have to survive one day at a time and get through your symptoms.
  11. Sammyforthewin
    Please avoid Instagram! 100% chance of seeing bad and risky images!
  12. wethebest
    Hope she isn't leading me on..
  13. omax
    IF I CANT WIN ,i can make a good fight!
  14. What I Do That Defines Me
  15. Meditation Monk
    Meditation Monk
    I know I will have better days ahead of me. All I have to do is survive through them. My main goal in the end.
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  16. Meditation Monk
    Meditation Monk
    I am planning to get my sleep tonight. God willing. I rather not have insomnia. Hopefully not at all in the end. I already feel sleepy.
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    2. Tiger uppercut!
      Tiger uppercut!
      Man I still suffer from some pretty brutal isomnia...but nothing like it was when I first started nofap. Everyone is different. It usually only lasts a couple weeks. I hope you get some zzzzz.
      Oct 19, 2018 at 7:58 PM
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    3. Meditation Monk
      Meditation Monk
      Thank you. Likewise bro.
      Oct 19, 2018 at 8:24 PM
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  17. Meditation Monk
    Meditation Monk Charlesmad
    Good job brother. Keep it up mate.
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  18. Meditation Monk
    Meditation Monk
    Watching an old civil war movie on youtube in black and white. It is Friday today and I am having a relaxed evening.
  19. Charlesmad
    Day 48 today so damn excited!!
    1. Rookie_Recruit
      Good work bro! Keep up going. You are going the path everyone of us is following...
      Oct 19, 2018 at 7:33 PM
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  20. Meditation Monk
    Meditation Monk
    My feelings are a temporary setback. I have to remember to come clean and be proud in the end.