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Casting notice for Pennsylvania and New York users!

NoFap™ is currently working with a major broadcast network on an hour-long program for an existing series that covers a variety of topics. The goal is to create a powerful hour that allows individuals to tell their own story in their own words. This documentary-style episode will explore modern day pioneers who are interested in “seizing control of their sexuality and rewiring … Continue reading

NoFap name-dropped in Orange is the New Black!

Orange is the New Black, a popular show produced by NetFlix, name-dropped our brand in the latest season. We’ve already noticed a bump in server load, indicating that many people are seeking our website to find out more about us. They make a joke at our expense which the NoFap team found quite funny. However, while the show’s coverage of … Continue reading

Too much porn on Reddit? NoFap has an app for that.

In 2016, NoFap® released a “panic button” browser plugin that blocks porn-focused subreddits. Well, we’ve just updated the plugin for 2018 and it’s better than ever. Version 1.3.0 brings forth a raft of optimizations to make it run faster, bug fixes, and updates. This version has been reworked to better intercept and divert users away from porn “NSFW” subreddits and threads. … Continue reading

The Pope is right about porn

The Pope is right about porn. Internet pornography is a huge problem for adolescents – here is why. On Friday, Pope Francis announced to a “congress of ‘Child Dignity in the Digital World’” that the proliferation of “extreme pornography” on the Internet is concerning and needs to be addressed through better protections for children. While much of the address focused on … Continue reading

Welcome to NoFap, viewers of Dark Net on Showtime!

Hi there, person who saw NoFap® on Showtime’s Dark Net! We’re happy that you sought us out, and this page is here to welcome you to the concepts presented on the show, along with resources for getting the help that you might need. What is NoFap? NoFap® is a comprehensive community-based porn recovery website. We offer all the tools our … Continue reading

NoFap to be featured on Showtime’s “Dark Net” series

NoFap® will be featured on Showtime’s “Dark Net,” an eight-episode documentary series that aims to explore the “dark side of technology.” The series premieres on Thursday, January 21, 2015 at 11 PM (EST). The NoFap episode will be appearing in mid to late February. NoFap was heavily involved in the pre-production and filming of the feature, but has little control … Continue reading

2015 User Experience Surveys

NoFap’s 2015 user experience surveys are now available. If you would like to help us improve NoFap to better serve you and others around the world, please take 7-15 minutes to provide us with your valuable feedback. Doing so will help us better understand how to make NoFap even better. While not all data will be publicly released for this … Continue reading

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