Age 41 – After 30 days of quitting porn

Gentlemen and ladies, I’m obligated to give a 30-day report, for reasons I will explain. Also, I know it will help me feel awesome. With regard to superpowers, I’m not running my own company (yet) or making fashion models drop their shopping bags in awe, but I am having consistent small successes and victories in my life which, taken together, … Continue reading

Porn has distorted my view of real women

Howdy folks…. I had a “light bulb” moment last night that I want to share. I’m an old dude (48), been divorced for almost 8 years, and painfully single during that entire time. I have had a very difficult time meeting women, especially single, interesting women close to my age. Ask my friends, and they would say that my constant … Continue reading

James Reynov from Life is Better

Q and A with director of Rebooting-themed kickstarter film

The success of this film would be no where without the Fapstronauts, who showed us support and encouragement throughout the campaigning for the film. I’m excited for the film to be done more so for all of you to see it, and I hope you enjoy everything we have coming.

My full reboot. Back to life, back to reality. Defeat of erectile dysfunction.

But I’m now on a different planet, and really there is truly no going back. Really, the counter doesn’t matter any more. I’m done. Fully rebooted. A couple of months ago I met a new woman and, in the last 6 weeks I’ve overcome all the things I was afraid of.

We now have over 70,000 fapstronauts on our subreddit

The NoFap reddit website has now reached over 70,000 fapstronauts.

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NoFap® is a comprehensive community-based porn recovery website. We give our users all the tools they need to quit porn, gain control over compulsive sexual behaviors, and live a higher expression of their sexuality.

NoFap helps people overcome their sexual addictions so they can heal from porn-induced sexual dysfunctions, improve their relationships, and ultimately live more fulfilling lives.

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