Cutting out porn repaired a bunch of things about our relationship

I am a lady who from my teenage years was always very sexually eager and curious. I watched a good amount of porn and was psyched to “finally” lose my virginity at 17. I dated guys, slept with guys, had a couple (dysfunctional) relationships but nothing long term enough in my “adult” years to really explore sex in a committed … Continue reading

“The Atlantic” story on porn addiction

Was I Actually ‘Addicted’ to Internet Pornography? Addiction isn’t a term to be thrown around lightly. But some argue that it’s possible to become neurologically dependent on porn. “Where is the comparative prospective study with tobacco in children? The one that divides the kids, gives half cigarettes, protects the others, and follows them? It doesn’t exist, of course, and never … Continue reading

I just noticed something uniquely awesome about NoFap

I have noticed there are both a lot of Christians and Atheists here, which is pretty normal in life. However, the dynamic is incredible; Christians post verses from the bible, and no one tells them how stupid they are. Atheists talk about not believing in a God while no one tells them they are going to hell or they need … Continue reading

I am INSANELY PROUD of my husband!

… and all of you for doing this!! Its been an amazing journey (almost 50 days!) filled with revelations, brutal honesty, tears, pain, joy and relief. We’re stronger than we ever were, now that there are only two of us in our bed! I just wanted to say, ROCK ON Fapstronauts! You are a cut above the crowd. You’re on … Continue reading

Women and Pornography

Porn has become a something of a sub-cultural all in itself.  From the innumerable websites hosting anything from videos to pictures to webcams, it is a virtual treasure trove of intertwined bodies.  Society has deemed porn a “man” vice, used only by men to obtain orgasm.  It has recently come to light that the excessive use of pornography as stimulation … Continue reading

Quitting porn makes women more beautiful! But…

Quitting porn makes women more beautiful! But beautiful in a much deeper meaning. I see more clearly who women are. They are so much more beautiful if you think of them more than just something you want to have sex with. Look at their faces and the wonderful way they communicate with you in so many non-verbal ways. Women light … Continue reading

As a living, breathing, non-porn woman, I can’t thank all of you enough for what you’re doing.

The constant influx of new bodies, new kinks, new faces and breasts and buttocks flashing on screens in an unending search for perfection and an ever-hotter sex object freaks me out beyond belief. I know what a guy does in his alone time isn’t my business, but in the end what scares me is this: I can’t compete with that.

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